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Roof Care

Roof Care & Gutter Cleaning

Roof CareRoof Care

To help you care for your roof we offer the following services:
  • Air blow and brush loose material off roof
  • Apply moss kill when needed. We use Moss Off for this purpose.
  • We do not pressure wash roofs. It is too hard on the roof, removing some of the roof material. It shortens the life of the roof.
  • We can brush or air blow to remove all loose material then treat with Moss Off to kill any moss that remains.
  • After the moss has died and dried up it tends to weather off but we do not guarantee a completely clear roof. We do guarantee our coverage of the roof with the Moss Off product. IF THERE IS ANY LIVE GREEN MOSS ON THE ROOF WITHIN A YEAR OF MOSS KILL APPLICATION, WE WILL RETREAT AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • After the moss has had a chance to dry and loosen its grip we can air blow the roof and get more of the dead moss off for additional charge.

Gutter CleaningGutter Cleaning

We clean gutters by hand. We pull the debris down out of the valleys and, if needed, can air blow loose debris like leaves and needles off the roof. We make sure the downspouts are clean and we clean up any mess we may make in the process. We are not able to clean downspouts below ground level. We are able to make minor repairs such as sealing leaking seams and fastening up gutters that have started to pull away and sag. We also clean gutter fascia for which a separate bid is required. We are happy to do a free on-site bid on you gutters.




Thank you so much for coming to my home on Wednesday when I called for help for my clogged gutters. Kathy, I really appreciated your same day response! Your employees did a great job. The plumber came on Sunday and now our basement is dry. You all are the best!
- Thanks again, Joan S.

Thank you for once again sending such a fine representative of your quality company.
- Dick S.

Great job on windows and gutters!
- Patricia F.

Thanks for your great work on my gutters! Not only was the gutter debris cleaned up, but also the sidewalk in front of my house.
- C.N.

We want to thank the man who did our gutters this year. He did a great job, cleaned up very well when he finished, and didn’t damage any of the flower beds.
- R.G.

Thanks for being so dependable! I really appreciate that.
- A.B.

Thank you for wonderful thorough work!
- Kathleen P.