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Eastside: (425) 822-3207
South Whidbey Island: (360) 341-1540

Layman Services Inc, Pressure Washing, Clinton, WA
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I was so pleased with the service – I have referred a couple of friends. I’ll be in touch for Fall window cleaning.
- K.A.

A beautiful job well done with care, humor, and a high degree of professionalism, with just right results.                                      
- B.K.

Thanks for your great work on my gutters! Not only was the gutter debris cleaned up, but also the sidewalk in front of my house.
- C.N.

Thank you – siding looks great.            
- K.W.

Thank you so much! Once again you have done a meticulous job for us.                       
- D.D

Thank you for your great service all year!! Happy holidays!!!                
- A.K.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service. My house is so happy!!                         
- J.C.

Fabulous job – I’m thrilled! Thanks!                            
- C.T.

Thank you. The pressure washing makes her life better and my hubbies life safer.
- A.D.

Many thanks! We thought your service was terrific from beginning to end! Your guys were great too.
- K.H.

Hello, thanks very much for great service. Your men were very personable and helpful. We are grateful.                       
- B.T.

Thank you – great looking thru clean windows!
- J.S.

We want to thank the man who did our gutters this year. He did a great job, cleaned up very well when he finished, and didn’t damage any of the flower beds. Thanks.                
- R.G.

Thanks for being so dependable! I really appreciate that.            
- A.B.

Once again Gregg did a terrific job!  Thank you!
- Judy E

Thank you for an excellent job on my windows.  Much appreciated!!    
- H.A. Burnett

Chris did a lot of hard work on this job.  We appreciate it.   
- David B.

Thank you!!  The work was don great!  As usual!  Much appreciated!    
- Joan C.

Your window cleaner was very pleasant and efficient.
- M.

Just to let you know the young man that did our windows was very efficient and courteous!  Thank you for doing this on fairly short notice.    
- Tracy S.

Thank you!  Awesome job.    
- Ann L.

Thank you for wonderful thorough work!    
- Kathleen P.

I’ve sold the house & moving to Spokane.  Thank you for these years of service!
- Barbee D.

Thank you for once again sending such a fine representative of your quality company    
- Dick S.

Great job and beautiful clean-up!    
- Elaine J.

Exceptional job!   
- H.

Great job on windows and gutters!    
- Patricia F.

Thanks! As always, great work!    
- M.B.

The windows look fabulous!    
- Beth R.

Thanks!  Perfect as per usual.    
- Shiela M.

Thanks for a professional job!    
- Joan B.

Thank you so much for great service. Your guys are always a pleasure to have in my home.
- Jill.C

Thank you very much for the great person you arranged to clean my windows.  He was efficient, polite and very careful not to make a mess on my window sills.  I would give him a great recommendation.    
- Joyce C.

The gentleman who cleaned the gutters did an excellent job.  We’re most pleased.  Please let him know of his good work.    
- Craig R.

Thank you so much for the prompt friendly service.  I really appreciate so thorough a job and that I know your employees are trustworthy.
- Sheri C

Your employee did an amazing job-he was a superstar.  I am thrilled with the work.  Call again next June.
- Debbie W.

The young man who cleaned our roof did an outstanding job!  He is so friendly and efficient…an asset to your company.  Thanks so much.
- Laura S.

Thank you for your excellent services that we have enjoyed for many years.    
- Jim B.

Thank you so much for being so accommodating and being willing to “go the extra mile” to get the work done on time.  The job was done well.
- Pat C

Thank you!  The guys did such good work.  They are VERY professional.  P.S. The clean-up work was excellent too.    
- Sharon K.

Thanks for the heads up on the wiring problem.  Electrician, arborist and city light are working on the problem.
- Gerald P.

What a delightful young man you sent to clean my gutters!  He is such a hard worker and a tribute to your company.    
- Pat S.

I am well pleased.  The courtyard looks like new.  Thank you!
- Peter H.

Please thank your employee for the good work and his kindness.  He was very informative and polite, something I have found lacking in other workers /contractors. He, and all of your crews, was respectful and very nice.  I’ll always call you and pass on the name and number to other people.  Thanks again.    
- Barbara K.

Windows look gorgeous as always!
- Lynn R.

Another fantastic job!  See you again next year!
- Wendy A.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you did for us!  The houses look good and cared for!  See you next year.    
- Donna

Thank you so much for your kind help.  Your employee was so nice when he gave me the estimate and the other man was also very nice and he did a good job of cleaning up after he finished the work.  They both helped me feel there are still good people in the world!  I will feel comfortable calling you again.  You have very nice people working with you.  Thank you!
- Barbara K.

Thank you so much for your quick and efficient service al these years- you have been a real blessing!  With love and gratitude,   
- Pat W.

The guys did a very thorough job on the windows and their customer service skills were exemplary!  I know the house is not an easy one to clean so I appreciated their willingness to tackle the challenge.  Best regards,   
- Tanea S.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service!  My house is so happy!  I’ll need to wait on the moss treatment.  Maybe by spring.  Trust your family is well,    
- Jill C

Your employee did a super, super job and so pleasant- I will ask for him next time.  He was very, very good!    
- Sally K.

Thanks so much for making our life so much brighter.  Let’s do it again next year.
- Anne D

Thanks!  It was great to get my windows clean-  Your employee did a nice job and so professional and pleasant to work with!    
- Kathy D.

To whomever spent some time finding me time on a busy day for service, I appreciated it no end.  Also want to mention if your employee were my son I would be very proud- great work ethic you taught him!  Thanks again.
- Elise S.

Thanks very much to you and your employee for a very nice job on our windows and gutters.  We particularly appreciate the careful approach that he takes when bringing his ladder in and out of the house.  It is a pretty tight squeeze and it would be very easy to bump into something.     
- Richard B.

Thank you so much for coming to my home on Wednesday when I called for help for my clogged gutters.  Kathy, I really appreciated your same day response!  Your employees did a great job.  The plumber came on Sunday and now our basement is dry.  You all are the best!  Thanks again.
- Joan S.

The work your employee did on my house was outstanding.  It far surpassed my expectations and included some things that I don’t think were included in the bid price.  I don’t know if he is always this thorough or if he was just looking to keep busy until the ice on my roof melted but I really appreciate the extra effort and excellent work he did on all aspects of the job.  I will certainly be using your services again anytime I have pressure washing or ladder work I don’t feel like doing myself and I will be happy to serve as a reference for you any time.
- Michael R.

Your employee did a beautiful job with the windows and power washing.  I look forward to working with you again.
- Leslie S.

Your employee did an incredible job on the gutters, pressure washing and window cleaning.  Fantastic and such a nice guy!  I will recommend your company.
- Judy M.